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Healthy Eating: Small Changes for Lasting Success

By Mitchell Blume, RD, CDE, PA Meal planning can be a challenge for anyone. “Where do I start?”. “When should I eat?”. “What should I eat?”. These are common questions that many of us have and want answered. I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that help answer these questions, while getting you started on …

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Leaky Gut Syndrome

By Mitchell Blume, RD, CDE, PA  Do you experience symptoms such as increased bloating, gas, cramps, food sensitivities, and aches/pains that aren’t associated with a medically diagnosed condition? You may suffer from “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. Unfortunately, this condition isn’t fully understood due to the lack of evidence and research. It is considered a “diagnosis of …

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Collagen on the Brain

By Sharon Puello MA, RD, CDN Though most associate the word gelatin with neon colored desserts from their childhood, gelatin without the added sugars and flavorings is actually a health food. Sold as a collagen protein supplement, gelatin as well as its counterpart collagen hydrosylate, are gaining popularity due to their myriad of health benefits. …

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Are You a “Sugarholic”? Tips to Break the Sugar Habit

By Kirsten David, MS, RD, CSSD Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that your body uses for fuel, but has no other nutritional value and has been shown to have addictive properties. Today the typical American consumes more than 140 lbs of sugar a year, compared to only 10 lbs per year in the 1800’s. And …

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Heart Healthy Eating

By Mitchell Blume, RD, CDE, PA There are many recommendations and dietary plans out on the market that address heart healthy eating. Specific meal plans centered around cardiovascular health include the DASH diet, Mediterranean diet, low-sodium diet, vegetarian diet, vegan diet, and low cholesterol diet. All this information can be somewhat daunting and confusing, but …

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Salt and Sugar: How Much Can You Have in One Day?

By Mitchell Blume, RD, CDE “Cut back on your salt”. “Avoid added sugar”. How many of us have heard these statements? It is generally known that majority of people consume too much salt and sugar throughout the day. But, how much is too much? For the average individual, it is recommended to limit your salt …

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