A Healthier Super Bowl

By EduPlated

This Sunday is a popular day for families, friends, and football fans to get together and watch the big game together. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite team or AGAINST your least favorite team (we see you Patriots haters!) we have some tips for hosting a healthier Super Bowl spread.

By no means do we expect you to cook every item on your Super Bowl spread (unless of course that’s your thing!). We generally cook about 75% of our menu because we enjoy cooking when we entertain. If you’ll be hosting a larger party consider asking a couple of the guests to bring an appetizer or one of the drinks so you have less on your plate. Most people want to bring something and will be relieved if you send them a couple ideas or ask them to pick up some chips and salsa.


Every party should include at least 1 dip and if you’re in our camp more like 2-3! Some popular choices for game day are buffalo chicken dip (made with cream cheese and mayonnaise and not too calorie friendly) and layered taco dip (made using more cheese than protein rich beans or veggies). Below are some of our picks for healthier dips that are just as delicious and satisfying!

  • Salsa – low on calories and big on flavor! Plus salsa goes hand in hand with guacamole! For parties we prefer to buy a fresh salsa sold in the vegetable section of the grocery store over jarred salsa. Although there are MANY great jar salsas in the market today including some of our favorites Newmans, Muir Glen, and Trader Joes.
  • Guacamole – you can’t go wrong with homemade guacamole and if you aren’t in the mood to make your own, most large grocery stores (we have seen in Publix, Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Wegmans) have their homemade version sold in the deli section. Pick it up and wait until game day to open so it does not brown!
  • Hummus – you may roll your eyes here as this just sounds too healthy for game day BUT with so many packaged varieties available in grocery stores today you can pick up 2-3 flavors for a hummus bar and have the leftovers for your own healthy eating afterwards! Our top grocery picks are: Boar’s Head Roasted Garlic, Sabra Classic, and Hopes Spicy Avocado. 
  • Seven Layer Crazy Greek Dip – want to try something new? We have made this for 2 parties and our friends eagerly eat it up! It’s delicious, nutritious, filling, and looks pretty on your table!

To accompany our dips we put out bowls of fresh veggies (carrots, celery, cucumbers, and tomatoes), pita chips, pretzel crisps (easier to dip!), and tortilla chips.

Finger Foods

Besides a quality dip or two, having small bites on your table so guests can munch during the game is a MUST. Most Super Bowl spreads will include a hoagie of some sort,  chicken wings, and perhaps meatballs. Here are some recipes that we have stumbled upon that are inspired by these favorite with a healthier twist.

  • Buffalo Chicken Meatballs – a twist on the buffalo wings favorite, these have the same flavor profile, are easy to make and keep warm, and aren’t fried like many packaged wings
  • Beef Taco Cups – we love these mini taco cups and that you can mix them up however you like! You can use lean ground beef or turkey or even choose to make them vegetarian with beans
  • Potato Skins – these are a classic game day food and by cutting into potato coins they cook quicker and are less calories per bite! To save even more calories you can choose to top with fat free greek yogurt (which tastes SO similar to sour cream!) and turkey bacon crumbles.

Kid Friendly foods

If you have some little ones coming to your party below are some healthier takes on two classics that will be familiar to kids!

  • Mac and Cheese Bites – most kids love Mac and Cheese so these bites will be a hit! There are many fried recipes out there but we are partial to this baked one which we think is just as good!
  • Chicken Nuggets – here’s where if you have a frozen brand favorite you can take the shortcut! If you’re set on cooking your own we love this quick and easy recipe from SkinnyTaste.

Something Sweet

After all the savory foods many people will want something sweet towards the end of the night. We like to bake cookies earlier in the day to serve along with fresh fruit, chocolate covered pretzels, and Jordan almonds. These desserts are easy to set out for those looking for a sweet fix and not time consuming in your Super Bowl meal prep!

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