We all desire a life filled with energy, enthusiasm and happiness and what we put into our bodies plays a critical role in the pursuit of health and wellness.

And yet, with an overwhelming number of ill-conceived nutrition articles and philosophies, access to clear, concise and person-specific nutritional advice is more daunting and confusing now than ever.

We’re often misled by deceiving catch phrases, such as organic, natural, cage-free, non-GMO and free-range.

And the inconvenience of finding and visiting high-caliber nutritional coaches leaves most of us lost in our quest for sounder nutritional habits.

Enter EduPlated!

EduPlated is an online nutrition coaching platform designed to help individuals optimize their health through the power of personalized nutrition coaching.

Getting started is as easy as visiting EduPlated.com to register or download the iOS app.

Then answer a few questions about your goals and past nutritional coaching experiences and we’ll match you to the dietitian with the right skills and experiences for you!

Interact as often or as little as you’d like, wherever, whenever. Receive customized meal plans, share photos, video, news and more.

And no more inconvenient in-person appointments! Work with your coach from the comfort and convenience of your home, office or wherever your travels may take you!